CW562N-01G-UT103 Automatic Interlock Machine

CW562N-01G-UT103 Automatic Interlock Machine
Item# W562N-01G-UT103
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An interlock machine with top cover thread. Flatbed causes to sew easily and beautifully even large fabrics and heavy weight fabrics.

This machine has an automated Underbed Thread Trimmer and Presser Foot Lifter.

  • Underbed Thread Trimmer This trimmer cuts fast the needle thread and looper thread when the pedal is heeled. The needle thread and presser foot are lifted up by the wiper after trimming, so that the fabric can be set up in no time(pneumatic/electric).

  • Presser Foot Lifter This device lifts the presser foot pneumatically instead of the operator. The presser foot is lifted up when the pedal is heeled backward.