EASTMAN D2H Long Handle Chickadee II Rotary Shear #17523

EASTMAN D2H Long Handle Chickadee II Rotary Shear #17523
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h4>TMAN D2H Long Handle Chickadee II Rotary Shear #17523 Product Detail

Long Handle Chickadee™ Model D2H Lightweight Powerful Shearing with Extended Reach The smallest round knife available, powered by Eastman's Perma-Field Motor, the D2H combines the power of the Chickadee shear with a long handle to make reaching across a table easier, while improving cutting quality.

Used for:
  • Eliminated Operator Fatigue
  • Long handle assisted cutting
  • Lightweight cutting

  • Cutting of 25% greater capacity than competitive models
  • On-the-spot sharpening with a built-in sharpener
  • Easy to control of the ergonomically designed grip-attached on/off switch
  • Eliminated fray when cutting shear or difficult to cut cloth due to the hexagonal blade option

  • Motors 110v, 1ph: Available 220v, 1ph: Available 60-90psi. Pneumatic: N/Available

  • Weight: 1lb., .85 kg.

  • Horsepower: .10hp

  • Blade Size: 2.75"
  • Blade Size in cm: 5.72

  • Cutting Capacity: .5"
  • Cutting Capacity in cm: 1.27

  • Blades Circular: Standard Hexagon: Available Semi-square: N/Available Octagon: N/Available

  • Bases Stabilizer Shoe: Standard Ball Tip: Available Broad Stabilizer : Optional Baseplate: Optional ® Chickadee is a registered trademark of Eastman Machine Company