Econosew Heavy-duty Lockstitch Machine 211E8BL-UT

Econosew Heavy-duty Lockstitch Machine 211E8BL-UT
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Econosew Heavy-duty Lockstitch Machine 211E8BL-UT Product Details

Single-needle, heavy-duty lockstitch machine with automatic thread trimmer, unison-feed (needle-feed & drop-feed with alternating presser feet), large vertical rotary hook, built-in needle positioner, reverse feed and automatic lubrication.

Price is for machine head ONLY. Does not include table or motor.

  • Uses Singer 111W style walking feet
  • Timing belt driven
  • Equipped with a safety clutch to prevent hook damage
  • For sewing heavy-duty materials such as car seat cushions, safety belts, safety air bags, tents, parachutes, etc.

    Maximum Sewing Speed       2000 spm
    Stitch Length Adjustment   0 to 9mm 
    Presser Foot Lift          By hand: 8mm
                               By knee: 16mm 
    Needle System              135x17 
    Needle Bar Stroke          36mm 
    Feed Type                  Unison-feed 
    Hook Type                  Large vertical rotary hook 
    Presser Foot Lift          2mm to 5mm (3.2 standard) 
    Working Space              254mm 
    Lubrication System         Plunger pump lubricating system and                           self-lubricating hook

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