Reliable™ MSK-555 Portable Blindstitch Machine

Reliable™ MSK-555 Portable Blindstitch Machine
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Reliable™ MSK-555 Portable Blindstitch Machine Product Details

The Reliable™ MSK-555 sewing machine is built right, with the best quality components available, from the all-metal design of the casting to the finish quality that you expect from a Reliable™ product.

Each MSK-555 is individually sewn-off and tested before it leaves our factory. Great care is taken in preparing each and every machine so when you plug it in you know it will sew right out of the box.

The true skip-stitch function on the MSK-555 allows you to go from fine sheer material all the way to heavier woolens. Note: You may need to change the needle size and make other adjustments when you change fabric types).

The MSK-555 comes complete with everything you need to get started; 3-needles, 2-screwdrivers, 5-piece allen key set, tweezers, oiler, 2-clamps, variable speed foot controller, knee lifter, 2-replacement brushes for the motor, instructions and a trouble shooting guide to help first time users.

Warranty: Reliable™ 1 Year

Best used for: Pants, skirts, dresses Drapery

  • True skip stitch function with chain-off finger* (*required for drapery sheers and other light work)
  • Simple to use - easy to operate
  • Adjustable thread tension

    Metal swing-away plate             Knee activated frame
    for sewing flat pieces(drapery)    drop for easy insertion
                                       of fabric.

    Adjustable stitch penetration for various types of fabric

    A thick eye-guard positioned over the needle


  • Maximum sewing speed - 1,725 rpm
  • Stitch length - 0-7 mm
  • Needle bar stroke - 36 mm
  • Pressure foot lift - By knee 8 mm
  • Needle system - # 29BL
  • Lubrication - Manual
  • Skip stitch function - 1:1 - 2:1 true skip stitch
  • Foot pedal - Variable speed foot
  • controller
  • Eye guard - Standard
  • Dimensions - head 14” x 10” x 18”
  • Weight - 15 lbs
  • Shipping dimensions - 14” x 16” x 13” Shipping weight - 18 lbs

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